Monday, February 9, 2015

catching up? 2 to 10

It seems like all I have been doing since I came home from visiting a relative, is drawing faces.
I purchased Jane Davenport's "Express Yourself"  Class late last year, but have not actually completed it.  I though the february 29 faces challenge might get me moving.  I posted my first face last week before I went away, and I have been busy the last few days.
Jane's class is a wonderful one and I am enjoying it,
This quite sketchy page is a practice page of expressions.  I will count it as my catch-up page, since there were six faces!  This is why Jane's class is so great.  I can draw faces, but different expressions? Not really.  And of course, she is an Australian teacher!
This quite awful face, was an exercise about laughing.  Can you guess why she looks so strange?  The eyes are too far apart.  That will teach me to measure next time!
This one is much better, but of course it used the same Jane girl Stencil (from Jane's shop) as the expressions up at the top, so really, I didn't have to position anything, it was already done for me.  Jane does say, and I agree, that using the stencils does help you practice drawing the faces and helps with some early success.  This face is neutral, because it is the first of another set of expressions.

As a complete aside, today's face is really a silhouette and in addition, I didn't draw it.  It is a free motion thread sketch done with the sewing machine.

Perhaps after a bit more practice, I might be able to do something like Alice Kettle's work.  Or, maybe a LOT more practice?

Happy creating!