Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Another week of faces

I have not gotten much done EXCEPT faces this week for a few reasons, firstly a sick DH, who thinks anything that goes wrong is the end of the world (sigh). and secondly our first hot spell this year, though why it has waited until half way through Feb is a mystery to me.
so, beyond a bit more embroidery this morning
I am actually quite surprised at how much I got done!
So, without further ado, faces 11 to 18 (I am actually a day ahead!).  The first seven are exercises from Pam Carriker's new book
this last one is awful and looks like a nasty little pixie!  They are exercises on faces at different angles and it is clear to me I need lots more work.  I also did a little more work on expressions, but it is not fit for consumption.  I am amazed at how difficult angles and expressions are, but of course a likeness is infinitely harder and I know, because my last face this week is my own and, frankly, parts of it look like me, but not the whole. 
I suppose more practice is in order, but I suppose that is why I am doing the challenge in the first place!  To Practice!