Monday, October 29, 2012

To bead or ot to bead

So this month's embellishment for TAMM is paper beads.
If you have looked at my facebook community here, you will see that I also post my blog there.  There is no joining per se, but anyone may post if they have something relevant for the month.  I will remove anything such as advertising or anthing offensive.
As yet, I have nothing in mind for this month's collage/journal quilts.  I am after all only on my second element, that being embellishment.

Paper beads

I started with double sided tape.  As you can see below, I have a huge collection of tape, most of which I get from resource rescue or the reverse art truck.
I add paper, fabric, even roving to the double sided tape (this is about 2 in wide), keeping the interesting side of the strip if there is one to the top, or outside.  Below is abaca fibre paper.
Here are a few different papers, etc I used for this batch.
 You can see I have used fuffed up roving (top left), tissue paper (top right) and in the bottom from left, foil, two scrapbook papers, paper napkin, Lace, paper lace (scrapbooking) and fabric.
I used small straws as my base.
The second from the right is the Type I used, from juice boxes.  These are nice and thin.

The hard part can be peeling the backing paper off!
Then I lay the trimmed straw on the tape, sticky side up and roll it up.
After it is rolled, I cut it into beads the length I want.
Next comes the embellishing, with beads, more tape, wire, yarns and braids.
For this set of beads, I chose a pearly tissue paper as a second layer and rolled that on.

I decided to add some thin gold braid in a spiral.  I used a stilleto (left) to push the end of the braid under the tissue layer so it would be held by the adhesive, rolled it around and attached the other end the same way.
Most definitely a job for magnifying glasses!
Above are some of the bases before embellishing.  Below are some of the sets I made.
These were made with foil tape, tissue, and beads on some wire.
These were a green foil tape and some lilac roving.  I added some beads on wisre to one but not sure if that's what I wanted.
These two long beads were made with felt tape, then paper lace and then a little gold braid.
To add yarn or ribbon, I attach a little square of double sided tape to the bead (below).  In this case I am adding some paper twine.  The adhesive helps to anchor the thread.  I also add a drop of super glue to the knot to make sure it doesn't come undone.
These two were made with some transparent green tape and purple tissue tape.
Below - a layer of pink roving and some fancy yarn.
Candy/Lolly wrappers and abaca paper, then rubbed with gold wax.
In the right picture at the bottom are also some made from lace, then rubbed with the wax.
And finally, a whole collection of beads.  some are not embellished, so that I can make then fit into a particular piece (or am I just lazy?)

I got ideas for these beads from many sources, including Beryl Taylor, Sherrill Kahn and Rebekah Meier, to name a few, also Quilting Arts, QATV and Cloth paper scissors

Hope you enjoyed this tute and make some of your own.

Happy creating!