Monday, October 8, 2012

Some paper work

Although I am actually making quite a lot of fibre pieces at the moment, I have also been doing some journal and sketchbook work. 
This is a page for a journal I have made out of a curtain trimming sample catalogue.  It is quite large and has these thick pages, like scrapbook pages, so is great to work in.
The sun is done with molding paste through a stencil, as is the text in the bottom right.  After I had dried the molding paste, I coloured with a few diluted acrylics in a spray.  The leaves are chiffon, free machined, then burned out and attached.  The writing was cut on my silhouette with sticky backed vinyl.  I think it still needs a little doodling and embellishment, but am sitting on it at the moment.
This one is actually in one of my altered journals.  The background was one of a mottled brown and gold that I did a few weeks ago and didn't like much, so I collaged some sprayed and painted book pages on it.  There was an orange and red baby wipe on my desk from cleaning up after spraying on the page above and so I cut out a big leaf and collaged that down.  I thought it looked a little lonely, so I cut a few little friends for it.  The last thing I did was to add the text, which just came into my head.  It was cut from white adhesive vinyl on my silhouette.  Again, it still needs some embellishing, but I tend to do my journalk in little bits.  Backgrounds one day, layouts another and doodling another.
As I said, I have also been very busy in my sketchbooks, mostly doing watercolour.
Some morning glories.

A simple gum leaf.
Some Gingko leaves (my favourite).
And some seaweed, kelp, but not really botanically correct, I suppose.
I have also done some pages for my Sketchbook Project journal (Thanks, Gina) in pretty much the same style, in fact I work on the two books at the same time to avoid drying waits.
I chose to work on 'beginnings' which is our Tangled Textiles challenge at present, although none of these sketches did make it into my piece - oh well, it was still fun.
This one still needs some work, but I am liking it so far.
Some ammonite fossils - again not finished yet.
Some insect eggs on a leaf - again.......more work required.
A chrysalis, a long way to go, but I like the background.
And finally, Some little sperm approaching an ova - a bit of a take on my biochemistry days, I suppose.
I have actually sketched out all my pages and am slowly working on them.  There are a lot more pages, but I have until christmas to finish and am enjoying the painting.

I am working on a collage to show on Wednesday (missed last week!), so hopefully some fibre art soon.

Happy creating.