Thursday, June 16, 2011

Voyage of Imagination

Here is my Challenge Quilt for the Tangled Textiles "games" challenge.

This 16 in square quilt is called "Voyage to Imagination, and is based on a vintage postcard.  I wanted to capture the joy of being a child and simple games that are the best memories.
The sky is felted on satin, the ocean is fused sheers with some stitching,  The rocks are fused sheers using my soldering iron - no cutting there and the rock pool is organza, burned with a heat gun to make it puckery, then beaded.
The children are mostly needleturn applique and have needlepunched silk hair
The doll is polymer clay and the boat is some twigs and a bit of bark.  I made these into a little brooch that clips on.
There is also a fair bit of threadpainting.

Even though I had a lot of problems with this piece and some of it is not how I imagined it, I am pleased with the overall picture.  I had to re applique the little girl's face three times before I felt it was good enough to go on with and there are lots of mistakes - so does that mean I learnt a lot?

I will be posting my step by steps probably next week after I get a few ATCs and postcards in the mail.

Have a look at all theother fabulous work at our blog and also don't forget to keep up with Twelve by Twelve as they are our foster mothers, LOL.