Monday, March 17, 2014

Two finishes

As I said yesterday, I finished my Tangled Textiles piece.  I am adding the same post here, but do go over and look at some of the work the others have done, it's great!
But before that, I will show you my (very late) block for february for CQJP2014

As you all know, my piece for Tangled Textiles was about Vincent van Gogh.
It all started with some sunflower prints...
What else comes to mind when you think of sunflowers and art.
A little bit of needlefelting
Some thread sketching
Some quilting
I thought the spiral went well with Vincent.  More quilting
And a whole lot more quilting
And I finally had something I liked.  No-one said anything about size, so I went a bit overboard (sorry)

You can see the step by steps-
and here
Hope you like it!


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  2. It is very nice to visit your blog!
    Your explanations or tutorials are a great source of inspiration. I love textile art and I hope someday develop works well, as I read a lot about that.
    Regards from Tandil, Argentina.

  3. Just curious ... do you put the blocks together to form a larger piece? Sorry if you had talked about that in another post.

  4. What a wonderful homage to Van Gogh. I'm almost sad that it is finished, but glad, too. It is simply stunning, and will probably be the best piece in the entire challenge. How different it is from February's vintage and lace entry. If you are nothing else, you are very skilled and talented at creating art with your sewing machine (and other tools, of course).

  5. 2 beauties finished by you, reminds me I have done my crazy march piece need to blog it.Van Gogh would have been very pleased with your piece I am sure


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