Friday, March 14, 2014

free motion friday

So today I have been working on some of the free motion on my Tangled Textiles piece.  Yesterday, I showed you some needlefelting.
The first job was to free motion stitch a quote from vincent van Gogh's letters.  I originally wanted to use transfer artist's paper, but it didn't work, so I just wrote it with my machine.  Looks like a mess, doesn't it?
It looks a bit better after i trimmed all my jump stitches and ironed off the frixion pen.  Of course, my handwriting is a bit messy, but  it is handwriting!
Next, I free motioned some crows into the blue sky at the bottom
And then I did some outlining of the sunflowers
For this one, I used a thick, variegated thread.
And for this one, I used a much thinner variegated thread.

More of the same tomorrow, I expect.  Just a few sleeps to go.

Anyone interested in a link up for sharing free motion work on fridays?