Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Found one I had forgotten about

Today I am joining Elizabeth at T for Tuesday.
As many of you might know, I have rather overloaded myself with commitments at the moment.  I am doing two uni units, a course with Elizabeth Barton and a course with Linda Kemshall.  My homework load is quite high and I also have a deadline to finish my tangled Textiles piece next weekend!
So, for today, i am just showing you a hitherto unphotographed teapot I had forgotten simply because it is not a teapot, lol.
It is a blown glass paperweight that belongs to the other half.
As you can see it is quite lovely with bubbles and green glass embedded.  It is quite small,  just a little bit too big to hold in your hand,  but I often pass by it each day and forget it is a teapot.
Don't forget to look at the other blogs over on elizabeths linky.

Happy creating!


  1. Hello and Happy T Day! What a cute teapot this is. I love the clear look of it, usually don't see them like this.

    Good luck with your busy week, hope it all goes well and you enjoy it. Thanks for sharing with us today.

  2. That is darling!! The bubbles inside give such a fun look. Many years ago I got rid of my paperweight thinking the kids would pick it up and throw it. Now I'm a little sad its gone.
    Happy Tuesday

  3. WOW taking all of those classes!
    I am taking Misty Mawn's online workshop and can hardly keep up with just one...I salute you!
    That certainly is a most unique and lovely paperweight...
    I thought it was a pot of the blooming tea blossom kind of tea when I first looked at your photo :)
    Happy T Day to ya

  4. i've never seen anything like this paperweight. perfect for tea lovers!

  5. Happy T day! I know too how classes can keep one so busy:) Your teapot paper weight is so unique-I love it.

  6. Good luck with finishing your tangled textile piece. Looking forward to seeing it. Very neat teapot paperweight.

  7. LOVE the tea pot paper weight!
    Thanks for sharing when your so busy.
    Happy T-day

  8. Form, function, and beauty all rolled into one. This is a genuine gem.

    I can relate to your course load. i was a full time student AND held down a full time job for so many years, it seemed like it was half my life.

    Thanks for sharing this gorgeous paperweight for T(ea) today.

  9. Ooh, that glass teapot paperweight is so pretty. Don't work/study too hard, and do have a good T Day!

  10. That paperweight is so pretty.Hope you have a great time with both the classes.
    Happy T day

  11. Happy T-Day!
    I'm with Patty ... I thought it was those blooming flower tea too. Very unique paperweight.
    That's a heavy load you took on. I am only taking 2 right now. One is really easy but the other is kicking my butt! Enjoy your classes.

  12. Your tea pot is a little cutie! Happy Tea day :)

  13. What a pretty glass pot!
    Happy T-Day! :)

  14. I love anything glass...so adorable this one is! and green is a good accent this month. I am so ready for Spring! happy T day!


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