Sunday, March 23, 2014

digital Drawing Day - Something that pleases

The topic for Terry's Digital drawing this week is 'Something that pleases'.  since I have been doing so much work on landscapes, that is what pleases me at the moment.
You might remember this transparent landscape I have been working on.
One of the things I like to do when working on a project, is to play with different techniques in my sketchbook.  I looked at this challenge as a way to look at my landscape from another point of view.
And this is what I came up with.  I put in the colours with the airbrush tool in Artrage.  When I set the opacity lower, I found I could get some transparency.  You can see in the foreground, where I have overlapped the lines of greens.
Next I used the Marker (Texta) tool to imitate my free motion stitching, doing scribbles for the horizon trees in two colours and scribbles for the grasses.  Then I continued to add some simple hand stitch ideas, some running stitches in the sky and some french knot dots in the foreground.
I am quite pleased with how this came out and think I will most definitely use this to create stitch diagrams again.
If you are not a digital drawer, you could simply open your photo of the work in a program like photoshop or Gimp and using the pencil too, just draw all over it, or if you are not computer savvy, you could do as deborah boshert does and just photocopy or print your work and then draw on it with real markers.
I think It is a great way to audition!

Make sure you visit Terry sunday US time to see hers and joan's  digital drawings.


  1. It's wonderful to see the 2 different versions of the same landscape. Both look great!

  2. From thread and fabric to digital goddess, you are one very creative lady. Gotta love both of these.

    Liked the concept of scanning and printing your art, then using markers to make it your own. Brilliant idea.

  3. What a great way to audition colors and stitches.

  4. oh very nice to have both versions together. Looking good with your digital art work.


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