Monday, March 3, 2014

A finish!

Almost.  I have finally finished all the machine stitching on my class project for 'Beyond basic machine quilting' on Craftsy.  It has only taken me a year!
But I often find I lose interest in finishing work that is not my own.  when I do a workshop,  I am more interested in learning than actually making something,  but in this case I actually did the project!
Here it is (above)  As you can see it is not squared or bound yet.  I will take it to craft group and see if they think (or you) that I should do a bit more.  I love the texture in the leaves, but they are hard to see from a distance.  I had thought of perhaps painting or beading on them.
Here are some close ups.
And my borders.
But I am quite pleased that I actually did it.

Happy creating!


  1. the quilting is beautiful not so sure about beads etc as it would detract from the lovely quilting

  2. Wow that's a lot of stitching. The stitching added such dimension to the piece. Lovely!

  3. Congratulations, your quilting is beautiful!


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