Sunday, March 30, 2014

digital drawing day green and growing

This weeks's theme for digital drawing day from Terry grant is 'green and growing' (I am a day ahead in Aus, the post over there will not be up until tomorrow).
I have been working on some green and growing things in my landscapes for my 'Working in a series' class with Elizabeth Barton, and I have been using the graphics tablet to play with my designs.
Here is a value study of a design I am currently working on.
This is obviously not green!  even though the subject matter is,  but I can tell you a grey scale sketch is very useful especially with picking colours.
Here it is with the colour added.  It is a scene a few minutes walk from my house.  The photo I used was quite blurry, but since I know the scene so well, it worked ok.
As usual, I used the pastel tool in Artrage, but I used lots of layers to get colours to lie on top  of each other.
I am finding more and more that it is easier to draw these sketches for my fibre work digitally.  It is more forgiving and you don't have the limitations of the real thing eg pastel.  Also, all you need is computer paper, not thick watercolour paper and sketchbooks! (Although I do love playing in them still)
This one is going to be heavily stitched, so the scribbly mark making is like a practice of free machine stitching and thread painting, which is always a good thing.

Happy Creating!


  1. very cool! I like the value study almost as much as the colour version, but you are right, they are invaluable. You will have lots of fun with this one!

  2. very colourful how I love anything green

  3. I love seeing the process here with the value sketch leading into color. I have Artrage, too but I've been busy learning Sketchclub but you've inspired me to give it a try!

  4. wow, really gorgeous digital sketch! I am not very skilled with technical I am intrigued. I can totally see how this could be adapted for stitched pieces...


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