Wednesday, March 12, 2014

what we saw at art class

As soon as I am finished posting, I will be going to my needlefelting machine to get to work on my Tangled Textiles piece hat is due in under a week.  I have been so busy it has slipped by!
I have been working on the landscapes I started, for Elizabeth Barton's course.  They are all very simple, but Today, whilst I was supervising my students I had a play with coloured skies

Here are a few more I have been working on.

This format is inspired by the work of Gilda baron, who is an extremely talented fibre artist.  I know I could do something a bit less 'pretty' but these are what is inspiring me at the moment. I am actually itching to transfer them to fabric and embroidery!
Also at art class we had a little visitor - a bogong moth, looking very bedraggled

and here is something one of my students is playing with.  I have introduced her to textured acrylic and she is hooked.  But I am glad she is learning to play around.  She is quite a talented watercolourist, but she gets very locked into perfection and doesn't like her work.  We are all guilty of that, aren't we?
This will probably be just a background, but I love the texture she has put on it.  I think it will probably be floral.  We will see where this one takes her!

Happy Creating!


  1. lovely selection of landscapes and wondering what your embellishing machine is going to create with the hat project.

  2. I can't believe it's been a week since I dropped by. Life and a tutorial commitment got in the way of visiting. But I'm here now, and trying hard to catch up.

    Your student's work is awesome. Textured acrylics. Sounds like something I would like to try.

    And of course, I love your landscapes.


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