Saturday, March 15, 2014

a little bit more

Still working on my Tangled Textiles challenge piece.  Today I did some thread sketching.
This is my thread sketch of the yellow house, where Vincent lived in Arles.  My intention had been to add colour, but I think I prefer it just as a sketch.
I also outlined the painted fusible title
It looks a bit better like this, I think.
I also did some work on the needlefelting and began the quilting,  but you can see that tomorrow (I hope!)
Here's a picture of how it is going
I  am liking how it is going and am going to enjoy having it on my wall.

Happy creating!


  1. This is coming along well. I plan to get back to needle felting ,but when you enjoy creating there are so many distractions.
    Pleased you don't have a catcha I don't think there is a need for them now,and they are v. Annoying.

  2. What a tribute to Van Gogh. I'm in awe of how this piece is going. Glad you like it, too.


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