Thursday, March 13, 2014

A bit of needlefelting

You might remember a while ago I made a start on my Tangled Textiles piece,  which is about Vincent van Gogh, here and here.
This was my digital mock up of  what I intend  At the top I intend a thread sketch of the yellow house where Vincent lived in Arles.  At the bottom I want to needlefelt an impression of one of his last paintings (wheat field with crows) and under the top sunflower  I want to transfer and embroider a section from one of his letters.  
Here is where I am at today
Here is my needlefelted sky and wheat field.  the sky is finished other than thread painting the crows in, but the wheat field needs more layers,  and more needlefelting then thread painting to finish.
To make the 'Studio of the south banner,  I traced the text on the back of some painted fusible web and cut it out.
Then I fused it to the side of my  work as in the mock up.  As you can see, I still have a lot of work to go with stitching!  But I am liking how it is looking!

Happy Creating!


  1. this is looking great Vicki. It is putting my poor attempt to shame...

  2. lots of felting here, is it wet or dry felted.


  3. Goodness, Vickie, I'm impressed. Even with the small amount of felting you have done so far, this is looking very good. I've always wanted one of those felting machines.


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