Thursday, March 20, 2014

Transparent landscape

some of you know i am doing two art courses at present, and sometimes thing gell together to create an idea.  I had been looking at a lot of landscapes for one course and the other night I was reading Ruth Isset's new book 'A Passion for Colour' I was very interested in her leaf collages, since that is something I love, but  she was discussing using transparent fabrics ans I thought, perhaps this would transfer to a landscape!  I needed to do some sketches and coloured paper collages for Elizabeth Barton's course, so...
these were the sketches i came up with.
I repeated this as a watercolour sketch, which even though it is transparent, did not give the effect that I wanted.
I repeated it again with coloured and painted tissue and this gave me lots of overlapping colours which is what I wanted.
This morning I rummage through all my sheers and put together a fabric sample.
And this is what I came up with.  At present, I am tacking all the pieces down with silk thread, then I will be adding lots more stitch, to merge the colours into each other.  I will probably be adding more sheers, especially in the mid ground and doing a fair bit of free motion and some needlefelting, but I am happy where this one is going.  In real life, the overlapping sheers are really vibrant and much greener than they appear here.  Every time I look at it I just get itchy fingers and want to do more stitching!
But of course it is time to cook, or we will starve to death lol!

Happy creating!


  1. I was truly impressed with the tissue landscape that reminded me of a paper pieced abstract. They were my favorite, and I look forward to seeing how you translate that into an art quilt. Guess I need to buy some sheers.

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  3. sorry Vicki that was me leaving a message to test my new googleplus account...but I left it as my daughter's blog! anyway at least i can now leave comments!
    just wanted to say love the colours, and the transparency of your work, very delicate. Ruth Isset's book is on my 'wanted list!


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