Thursday, March 6, 2014

On the design wall.

i did no blog yesterday, mainly because I was lazy, but also because I did not have much to show you.  By the time Wednesday comes along, I have been away from home two days in a row.  On Tuesday, our quilting group goes until 2pm and I find it hard to settle in when I get home.  Wednesday I teach until about 5 or 5.30 pm, so when I get home it is time to cook anyway.
I must be honest with you.  I am a routine girl and when I am away from my studio routine I get a little stressed.  Today,  in addition we went into town for an appointment and to do the weekly shopping, so that was another disruption.
One thing I have done in the last few days is to change my design wall.
In 2011, my daily project was to make ATCs (Artists Trading Cards) and last year my project was weekly journal quilts.  this year it is a fabric collage a day.
Most of this work has been sitting in little books and I decided that it would provide more inspiration if i could see them, so  I have been pinning them up on my wall.
These are my ATCs, or what is left after swapping and giving them away.
These are the journal quilts.
Because usually I was trying out an idea or a technique with each of these,  it is now like a little illustrated list for me of things I can do.
I know you can't really see these little things, but if you look in the sidebar there are pages for the journal quilts and ATCs, which, if you click on them will take you to slideshows.

Anyway,  I suppose it is time to try and get some work done.
Oh and I am working on catching up with comments, sorry!

Happy Creating!


  1. these will be so inspiring, not that you need anything as you are overflowing with wonderful creativity

  2. Holy cow. You have a TON of inspiration to choose from and it is all yours, too.

  3. Such a great idea to hang them on your wall. I'm sure they'll provide tons of inspiration.

  4. What a fantastic design board. You are brimming with ideas!


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