Friday, February 8, 2019

How soon do good intentions go!

Well, after all that talking, I have done little since.  I am trying to concentrate on my health, so there is that!
I started crocheting this bag.  It might take all winter!  (which isn't Here yet)
I finished this little applique with dimensional flowers.  It was a kit I bought a few years ago, for a wall hanging.  It will probably go onto our stall at the quit show in October.
I also finished this backbasting applique block from an applique quilt that has been going for a few!!! years.
I do need to get drawing though.  Sktchy has brought back daily muses, so I need to catch up on that.  I start a new course on sktchy art school with Charlotte Hamilton,  and I have a few others that I should complete the work for.
I have also joined Ivy Newport's Studioworks community and am enjoying all the classes and inspiration, but not yet actually doing much.
So  what do I need to do?
I need to set up a computer in my art space, to motivate me to do more painting and drawing.
I need to observe the sktchy alarm and draw.
And I need to write here as often as I can.  Every day if possible!