Sunday, January 25, 2015

Another week!

Another week and this week I feel I have done a bit more and been more productive, Even with some saddening family news this week.  I am glad I have been keeping busy, because I think it does help when life happens - having things to do.  Stops you reveling in your own sadness.
But anyhow,  Let's look at what I have gotten done this week.
This is my first bit of embroidery on my Sue Spargo sampler with craftsy.  It has taken me a while to get started, but hopefully I will get some done on Tuesdays at Quilt group which begins again this week.

This is a Thread painted moth I finished during the week.  Not sure what I am going to do with it yet, perhaps it will become a fabric page.
I finished unpicking this piece of printing on chiffon, which had some free motion I didn't like
Another of the fabric and paper collages I am making for Fabric books.
Getting along with my crochet!
Some thread lace leaves.
A teeny tiny embellishment - again for fabric pages.
A page in my doodle book I am working on.  The red leaves are a deli paper page that has been cut - over the top of the green and purple page.
This is a page from week two of Lisa Congdon's Sketchbook Explorations on creativebug.
If you have known me for a while, you might recognise this pile of fabric pages ready to embellish.  I have used my collage background challenges from last year.
And here is one of the pages, with a free motion sketch which has been painted.  Quite happy with this page, but still needs a little more work.
Another fabric page in process.
And finally another fabric page, a two page spread ready to free motion stitch.  It might seem that I am a bit obsessed with fabric books at present and I probably am.  I have been interested for a few years and never yet completed one!  So this year is the year.
My pinterest page has lots of inspiration if you want to look, but the main artists who are inspiring me are Frances Pickering, Ro Bruhn, Jill Taylor, and Annette Bolton and of course Cas Holmes. As usual quite a few UK artist in that group!

Happy Creating!