Friday, April 4, 2014

Trip looming

I have been absent for the last few days and at the moment my studio is all upside down.  I am preparing to go to the Australasian Quilt convention next week and trying to find all the things I have to take with me.
It has been a few years since I have been away from home for more than a night or two and I had forgotten how complicated it all is!  And of course there is a lot of things I need to do to before I attend the two workshops I am doing as well.
I have lists
and more lists
I have a pile of fabric (which is all cotton and that is sometimes hard to find in my home lol) and now have to choose the threads to take as I can't take all of it!
I have a pile of photos, from which I have to choose some likely culprits and then make enalrged line diagrams.
I also have a ton of homework to do in my two courses.  This is a sample thread painting (which will probably not be finished until I return, now) for the working in a series class.
So things are already a bit of a turmoil, and add to that we have been without a washing machine for a month and after picking one up yesterday, I have done six loads of washing today - and I'm not finished, but there is no hanging space left until it all dries.
tomorrow is  our local quilt group get together and I haven't even thought about what to take!

I feel a deep need for some ART!

Happy Creating!