Monday, June 10, 2013

A little bit of a hiccough

Of course, when things are going well, something is bound to put a burr in it.
My phone went dead and with it my camera!  I can receive calls but there is no screen, sigh!
Anyhow, I have managed to get my pictures for the last few days off the camera, but of course can't take any more.  Have to go back to my old camera - but no phone!
Ah, well at least I have some work to show for it.
At the end of last week, I had a bit of a crochetting fit and made this stuffed owl, from a Craftsy pattern.
Pretty cute if I do say so myself, although my hands were sore from so many single crochet stitches.  I think I will add it to our charity table, which is going to Dunally in Tasmania very soon.
I have done a little on the crocus piece I started last week, but no photo.
I have however done three little needlefelted pieces which I will embroider on soon.
The first one started off with a nine patch of these little squares which are hand dyed scrim/cheesecloth with little bits of silk and satin on top.  The black dots are made by felting from the back, which is black felt.
They looked very distressed close up, but that is why I used the scrim.  It was a pale lilac colour, but looked very washed out against the black.  So...  I pulled them off and added some magenta shot chiffon underneath.
Here is one when re felted.  Looking very distressed now.
Here's a comparison of the two.  The original ones don't look the best, do they?
And the final, very distressed looking arrangement.  I think I feel some gold threadwork coming on!
The next two went a little easier
My next one had little blocks on it as well.  Green chiffon with dyed batting and gold organza and some gold lame under the whole thing to give a bit of sparkle.
I really like this one and think it might like a bit of gold, too!
This one was a bit of a seat of the pants experimental piece.  I wove (very loosely) some organzas together, then added a piece of yarn, the felted them all down.  Then I turned it all over and felted from the back to make the black lines and circles.  This one, I think, calls for some all over black and gold and perhaps will become a book cover.
Needlefelting is a bit addictive, I must say and it is hard to stop when you have started, but maybe that's a good thing?