Monday, August 13, 2012

a quick collage,...perhaps

I felt in need of a little fabric therapy today, so I got out a few scraps and played around with a little collage.
I started with a little bit of linen, which I ripped, so the edges would fray.
I gathered a few scraps and bits and pieces, some chiffons, textured woven fabrics, silk scraps, lolly wrappers, skeleton leaves I had embedded in angelina, a brass buckle, and some mother of pearl buttons.
I placed down some of the textured fabric and a strip of chiffon, and then I got carried away and forgot to take photos.
This was my first arrangement.
 Then I moved it around a bit.
and added another wrapper.  I was happy with this one and so I started to sew.
I have actually sewed it all down, now and am sewing the buttons etc on.  You will have to pop back next week to see it finished.
For all my use of scraps, you just end up with more!
Last week at the community house art group, we did needle felting. 
I made this seahorse, and a little flower (which broke one of my needles!), both of which need a bit of stitching and beads, now.
I also made this teeny kitty cat, but I think I would like to cover him in some textured yarn so he is a tabby, and add some eyes, of course.
The week before, we were beading and I said I would show a few more little bits I had made.
These are a few motifs, or cabochons, basically, little things to put on collages!

And That's all for this post.  I must get back to my Tangled textile piece, which is due this week.

Happy Creating.