Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Teeny tiny tea

I have been absent for a few weeks, ill and feeling the winter blues. Today I am feeling quite out of breath, but I will persist!
Yesterday, I felt quite well and I did a little bobbin lace, which I had found in a shelf when I was tidying the other day.
It is just a little bookmark, which I love making because there is no sewing in at the end.  I started bobbin lace, probably 25 years ago, so no matter how long I leave it between projects, I still remember what to do as I have been doing it so long!
Here is a close up of the book mark in progress.  I am a fair way further along than this, now.
and guess what I found hanging from one of the bead weights? (which are called spangles, by the way.)
A tiny little tea pot that I had forgotten I had!

Linking with Elizabeth at Alteredbooklover for T for Tuesday.  Go on over and look at her lovely flowering tea!