Monday, September 17, 2012

A weekend's work

Oh, and a bit more, since I didn't blog on Friday as I meant.
I have been working on a few little things for our quilt group's christmas stall at the market.
This is where I am at with the pansy table runner I cut out in my last blog.
These are two little purses I made from 'omiyage' by Kumiko Sudo.  The pink and blue one is not finished yet.
This is a little painting I did whilst playing around at art on thursday.  I painted a bronze and gold background and then started spraying a dark purple around the edges.  I sprayed a little too much and it started to run.  Serendipity!  I made it run and dribble a bit more and turned it upside down.  I thought it looked like some trees, so I added a few little branches with a skewer by dragging the purple paint.  All up 5 minutes and it looks really good.
Also on thursday, I was playing with making ink blots in my journal and this butterfly popped out, so I went round it in black and added some lines.
This was some butterflies I did a week or so ago using layered stencils.  I went in and added black ink on the purple one and white out on the green one to define them both a little bit.  Now for a background.
This morning, I played with embossing textiles.
This was a piece of wide silk habotai ribbon, which embossed nicely
This piece of satin turned out spectacularly.
A piece of acrylic felt
A piece of batting
crushed velvet worked extremely well!
This was another piece of batting, and after embossing, I ran some pastel gently over the top to bring out the dimension.
This was the piece of lace I used to emboss all the fabrics.  It is just an 8 inch or so swatch that I picked up from some fabric samples.  I like it a lot, and it is quite stiff as I have also used it as a stencil.
My method was to dampen the fabric with a spray of diluted white glue, then layering the lace over the top, covering all with some baking paper and ironing heavily and as hot as possible.  I had been wanting to have a go at this for some time and am glad I finally did it!  I'm sure I will use this in my collages.

So, all in all it was a pretty productive weekend - now off to do some quilting and collage!