Thursday, March 29, 2012

No ATC, but a very big leaf

No ATC today, I have been out at ART group all afternoon.
But I have a very big leaf!
This is about eight or so inches long and is a dimensional element on a collage I am working on.
The frame is about 24 inches square, so it's quite large.  I made these leaves with a stencil and tile adhesive.  The technique is just the same as for stencilling with modelling paste, here, (I learnt it from a beryl taylor video here ) except of course I would need a lot of modelling paste, so I used something I had lots of.
This one is one of a pair (I had thought of four for four seasons, but we shall see)
This one is a little further along.  Basically, they are both collage backgrounds for small fabric collages which will go on top and be the focal points.
I am still in the thinking stage about construction of the collages, or corsages, I suppose they will be.

Oh, and here is a fabric page I recieved from a friend in Holland yesterday.  The theme was, of course leaves.
This is 8 inches square with gorgeous fabrics and so much hand stitching.  I am very pleased to recieve it!


  1. I like the green piece. They look like eucalyptus leaves. The piece from Holland has some marvelous hand work on it with such interesting depth.

  2. I'm enjoying your leaves ... and your quotes!


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