Wednesday, March 21, 2012

silk and collage

I love how silk is so shiny and soft
Fabric paper made from magazine scraps on scrim/fine cheesecloth (used back to front), silk fibres trapped under acetate and free machined.

Also, here's a look at a couple of collages I am working on at present.
This first one is up to my fouth layer (ie base then paper, tissue, paint, stencilled paste) and I am cogitating on the next few layers.
This one is only up to the tissue and paint stage - but I like it!  needs a bit of thinking, but since it is raining here, will take a while to dry.  My initial reaction is to continue on the leaf theme and do some autumn type leaves, but we will see.


  1. I absolutely love the third photo, the reddish collage! But your other work, as usual, all your work is wonderful!

  2. The chili pepper collage looks green to me, so far! :-)


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