Tuesday, March 27, 2012

100 pretties

Although I think this is day 97, this is my 100th ATC, because I made four extras one day here.
This one has a fabric paper base, some painted face wipe, a lolly/candy wrapper and some flowers from a bit of braid.  This one highlights the difficulties of free motion stitching an item that is only 2.5 by 3.5 inches.   I knew there was a reason why I should have cut it out AFTER I had done the stitching.  I had nothing to hold on to.

Because this is my 100th ATC, I am going to broaden things a bit and start making leaves as well.  I am a leafaholic as many know and this morning I made this one on water soluble in a hoop.
I had green in the top and black in the bobbin and just decided, that since I did, I would turn it over halfway and continue.
Here it is after the stabiliser is washed off.  I like it.
Since the Tangled Textiles Challenge this round is green, leaves should fit in nicely, although not all leaves are green, lol especially over here.  I saw a gorgeous burgundy one today!  Fodder for Tomorrow?


  1. Happy 100th!!! It's been fun following along.

  2. Vicki, congratulations on making 100 ATC's - quite an achievement. I too, have enjoyed watching as you progressed.

    I think we must have purchased the same tin of lollies, as I've got wrapper exactly like that, pushed into a bag for 'one day'.

    Yes, you silly girl, stitch first, cut out later...........LOL.....

    Love the leaf. Good luck with them. I'll be watching.

  3. What an achievement...100 ATCs, I have difficulty just finishing one thing lately. I've enjoyed seeing your creativity with each of them and look forward to seeing where you go next. Love the leaf!!


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