Sunday, March 18, 2012

Very Cross

Something slightly different to my usual  ATC style.  This one goes to show that an ATC can be anything!  I actually dislike counted cross stitch quite a bit, bit it was a change to what I was doing today. which was freestyle handstitching.  Lots of it.
I simply mounted this tiny crostitch on a playing card by turning the edges and tying in the corners, leaving little tufts.

The title of this ATC is a pun on what it is and how things are going.
It is down to the wire with my Tangled textiles piece, and I don't think I will be finished, however it will be finished enough to reveal.  It has been a very hard month in more ways than one and I am pleased with what I have done, only wish there was more time.....

Remember to create every day,  even if it's just an ATC, lol


  1. Sometimes a change is what we need! It makes a great ATC, and I like your post title. Please do not stress about your TT piece Vicki - we all understand!

  2. I am inspired by your daily ATCs!!! You are doing such an amazing job.

    I've just discovered Zentangles, so whenever you get finished, I'm certainly eager to see your work! I've been trying to think of ways to Tangle in my own stitchery, so I'm delighted to see what you have done!

    Hang in there, and tomorrow will be a better day!

    P.S. I dislike cross stitch, too!


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