Sunday, March 4, 2012

computer art

Today's ATC is mostly recycled from an old laptop.
Sorry a very dark photo, taken after dark.
base is a playing card, with thick foil from the inside of a laptop screen folded around it.
The main green bit with the silver circle on top is the mother board from a floppy drive.  I used tiny weeny screwsto screw it down.
The petals are cut flat from ribbon cable which joins the various parts of the laptop workings.
The flower centre is a cog from an old printer
The letters are stickers.
This one is very heavy and decidedly mixed media, lol
By the way, the flowre spins, which I why I added the word.

For today's quote, I am sending you here.
as it is not my work to put up, but worth a look


  1. oh my goodness! Vicki - your stash of bits and pieces is astounding, and your creative uses for them simply amazing! What a wonderful 3D "working" ATC!

  2. Incredible! I thought I had bits and pieces, but you far outclass me! And you know what to use them for, lol!

  3. What an amazing way to make an ATC Vicki, love it. The spinning flower is a really cool touch too. Thanks for sharing such an interesting project. Hope you are safe from rising waters.

  4. Absolutely amazing what you do with your bits and pieces! Next time I see the inside of an electronic device, I will think of your ATC.

  5. Thanks all, my hubby and I are both insatiable collectors, just call us if you need a little bit. We'll have it, but won't neccisarily know where


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