Sunday, June 15, 2014

Bits and pieces

I have been a bit under the weather this week, and not felt much like doing much, but I was surprised when I looked back and saw what I had done.
Sorry about the bad photo, but you might remember this piece from a little while ago.  I have finished all the hand stitching in the background and beading the birds and now need to think about how it will be displayed.
I have also finished my stitching on this piece from last week.
Here is a close up.  I have decided that this will be a book cover.
I have also put together another landscape to stitch on.
I have been making leaves.  These are free motion with a gold thread on a copper organza
Once they are stitched, I cut them out with a soldering iron, over a glass sheet.
Here is one close up.  These will go onto a collage, later.
So a not very productive week turned into a reasonable one on reflection!

Happy Creating!


  1. First, I'm sorry to read you aren't feeling well. Hope it's a temporary situation. Second, I tried to add double stick tape to the acrylic stamps, but the tape didn't stick. I don't know what is wrong with those stamps, but NOTHING sticks to them.

    I have a question. I reviewed a book by a famous artist who uses a soldering iron to cut her various fabrics and turns them into assemblages, jewelry, and art quilts. I'm sorry, I forget her name and didn't want to take time to search for it on my blog.

    The point is, although I have all the soldering equipment you could ever want (four, one of which is industrial), but I don't have one of those masks which she says you MUST wear. It's the kind that actually filters the air through for lack of a better word, FILTERS. It's not like the kind that just keeps dust out of your mouth and nose and sits on your face using a stretchy band. Do you use one of the good masks, am I being too cautious, or can I do this with no mask at all?

    BTW, I adore your lovely leaves.

  2. sorry to read you have been unwell, trust you are now feeling on top of the world again. Love those beaded birds and lots to see today

  3. Lovely work, I find it is so inspiring as I am only starting out with this craft.

  4. Where ARE you? I miss you. Hope you are not sick and can't get to a computer.

  5. Beautiful! Hope you're feeling better.


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