Tuesday, June 10, 2014


teapots, teapots and more teapots.
Just a picture of my dresser today and my collection of pots and cups.  There is another shelf full below, but this picture is from a while ago.
And a cup and saucer pincushion I made a few years ago.  I have a collection of over thirty pincushions.  They are something else I love.
Happy T day to everyone over at T for tuesday.


  1. wondering how many you have in total, I am trying to de clutter but hate parting with things, my hoard is made of Royal Doulton figures, have about 50 but I am good and no longer buy them, also have a few pretty cups and saucers along with bits and pieces that were Mum`s would love to move to a smaller house but with the clutter it is not possible at the moment!

  2. It's nice to see someone else's collections. I'm simply no good at collecting glass or breakables. I commend you for yours, though.

    I had to laugh because I won a pin cushion online one year, and it's the ONLY one I own. I was looking for pins in my basement studio this morning to keep my fabric intact, but when I couldn't find any, I gave up. I could use a pin cushion in my basement, I think. I love that one you made in the tea cup.

    Thanks for sharing your teapots and pin cushion with us for T this Tuesday.

  3. I love your teapots and by the reading of former comments you have much more still. I love collection antiques in general but I have a few favourites. I like the silver one if you rub it does Aladdin let you make a wish LOL also love the picture of the tram on the top shelf. First time joining in here but been a friend of Elizabeth and Bluebeard for ages.

    Happy Tuesday
    Hugs Eliza & Yoda 8

  4. Hello and Happy T Day! That is a lot of tea pots, they are nice though. That pincushion is so cute, how creative!! It is fun to have a collection of things to love.
    Thanks for sharing and have a great day!

  5. I love your pewter pot. And that white piece reminds me of a set of dishes my mother had. What a sweet collection, and the _perfect_ display space for it :)

  6. Nice collection of tea pots! I bet your pincushion collection is wonderful too. I have a small collection of vintage egg cups. It began with a few that had been left to me from my great grandmother so I don't mind having to dust them so often:)

  7. Lovely teapot selection you have there and I would really enjoy seeing your pin cushion collection some time too!
    Happy T Day to ya

  8. Adorable pincushion and beautiful tea pots! I often wonder what I am going to do with another pin cushion but for some reason I keep making them. They are such a fun, quick & easy project (at least the ones I make, yours looks a bit more complex!) thanks for sharing...happy T day!

  9. Nice collection of pots and cups, and that pin cushion is in a gorgeous cup!

    Happy T-day

  10. Beautiful collection of tea pots! I am wondering if you enjoy using them as well? The tea cup pin cushion is stunning!

  11. Beautiful collection of tea pots! I am wondering if you enjoy using them as well? The tea cup pin cushion is stunning!

  12. Hi Vicky, for some reason, my webbrowser won't open your photos today, so I'll just have to mental image those teapots! Happy T-day to you and maybe I'll have better luck next week!

  13. Wow, what a great assortment to choose from. What ever your mood, you got it covered.
    Happy T to you

  14. What a lovely collection of tea pots. My sister would like some of those - she is the potty collector in our family.
    That pincushion is gorgeous and appeals to me being a quilter.
    Thanks for visiting. Happy T Day!

  15. Teapots are a great thing to collect! I just can't start collecting anything else. Can't.
    Happy Tuesday!

  16. You have a great teapot collection! Happy T Day.

  17. Now that is a lot of T!
    thanks for welcoming me to the T community- your kind words and for visiting me!
    I like pin cushion stop and am trying NOT to get a collection! lol
    Robyn 3

  18. Love your teapot collection! I find them in the most interesting places!
    Would love to to see a pic of your pincushion collection, I only have 5 or 6. Loved visiting you!
    Happy T-Day!

  19. OMGosh! That is quite a collection. That one almost looks like Aladdin's lamp. :) Cute pin cushion. Maybe you can give us a glimpse of that collection one day. Happy T-Day! :)

  20. Hi Vicki,

    Thought you might be interested as you have the salad plate from your Grandmother I would look closely at the pattern as there are some that have 3 flowers and some that have 2 or even different patterns like hollyhock but you can learn/see more at these links if you are interested.



    You can search for ages on the net to find so much about the fine china.

    It is considered the moderately price ranged product to collect but there is a huge line of other stuff too. They just don't make them like this anymore.

    I have so many of these items I will slowly show some of them over time. Thanks for leaving a message, I hope I haven't said to much in return.

    Hugs Eliza

  21. Vicki,

    I have also just learnt that you are not that far away from me, I also live in Victoria Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne. Maybe we can catch up one day or even meet half way.

    Hugs Eliza


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