Sunday, June 1, 2014

Another collage

Since I enjoyed making the fabric collage (or more correctly embellishing) yesterday, I decided to do another one.
The foundation I chose was one with pieces of three monoprints, which again, I forgot to  photograph first.
I started by ironing some green chiffon onto fusible, then cutting out gum leaf shapes (My favourite).
I peeled the shapes off and fused them to the collage.
Then free motion stitched around them ( click to see the detail)
The contrast was very low, so....
I cut some out from a sheet of fusible backed baby wipes (If you know me, you will know I have a huge stash of these, which have been coloured from cleaning up after painting and often use them in my collages)
I fused and stitched those down, but I wanted more, so......
I stamped a leaf on top with black acrylic. This is a stamp made from fun foam I made quite a while ago.
I stitched around these stamps as well
Now for the hand stitching.
Here I am adding french knots around the appliques, and seeing this picture, I changed from this little hoop to my big standing frame.  It is easier to make nice french knots when you have two hands free, and of course it is quicker.  I will probably add other french knots in other colours further away from the leaves, but at present, I am just adding contrast.

Happy Creating!


  1. You've had some wonderfully creative days recently! Love the collages!!

  2. So creative! Really enjoyed your pictures and explanation of your process. Your piece is looking really neat :)

  3. I can't believe how far behind I am in visiting. It's been a week where once again my computer has crashed more than not. I love the bird collage in the post below, and those leaves in this one are terrific. I really like how you layer your fabric collages and use something soft like chiffon to cover the piece. These are stunning pieces and I like them both.


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