Sunday, May 4, 2014

Using my new toy

I have been playing and learning and making samples with my new embroidery machine, but I thought it was time to make something!
Last night I put together the first steps of a bag for the workshop I am teaching in a few weeks.
I have quite a number of satin samples that are 4.5 x 12 inches.  You can see them in the layout above.
I embroidered a celtic knot on one of them and  basically used the size of the pieces as the bag pattern.  The picture above is before I sewed them on to a piece of interfacing cut to the size above.
This picture is bit closer to the real colours.  I have sewed the strips onto the stabiliser and peeping out from the bottom, you can see the lining cut to the same size.
This is as far as I got, since I was thinking about the handles.
This morning, I embroidered another and made a quick little ipod or phone case.
My favourite colours again!  I did not line this one with interfacing, so it is very soft.
This photo shows the construction (including a little boo boo!)  All i did was to sew the lining and cover right sides together, leaving a few inches unsewed, then turned it inside out.  I folded it to fit my ipod and hand sewed the sides up, and added press studs and a little embellishment to cover the press stud.

I am thinking of lots of new ideas to use this new tool, but my fingers are itching to do some free motion, so hopefully I will get some done in the next few days.

Happy Creating!


  1. Sorry to read about your hubby. I hope he is doing well after his surgery.

    Your latest adventure with your embroidery machine is stunning. That phone pouch is gorgeous with the beautiful colors. Nice to see you back, too.

  2. Beautiful bags! Great use of your embroidery machine, you're inspiring me but could you send some time across the ocean? Have fun with your class!


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