Tuesday, May 20, 2014

T for transparent tuesday

I nearly forgot T for Tuesday over at Elizabeth's blog.
In fact, my rather elegant cup of tea here is after a hard day at the sewing machine!
I was working with transparent chiffons to make a vignette landscape (vignette, just means not edged or fading out at the edges)
It was an idea I thought of yesterday whilst driving down the mountain.
This is what I got done today.  I am quite pleased with it, although I went overboard with the stitching in a few places.  If you click on it it should enlarge.  The flowers are called Wahlenbergia or Australian Bluebell and I thought they suited the landscape.
This is noly a sample for a larger piece, but I learned something - don't use white felt!  No matter how clean your hands are, it tends to get grubby.  I think next time I will try canvas, because it can be wiped clean and mounted on stretcher bars.
Anyway, that was my day.

Happy creating!


  1. that is an elegant cup!

    i like your landscape. i can see that canvas might work better than white felt, but this is pretty like it is.

  2. This is AMAZING!! WOW!! I can't even come up with anything else to say. I'm just blown away with your landscape. You have rendered me speechless. Not the easiest thing too do. :)

  3. What a gorgeous fabric landscape- and a great idea to layer fabrics rather than paper!! Happy T day!

  4. Hi Vicki, for some reason my browser will not allow me to view your photos, so I'll just have to assume the landscapes are beautiful! But, I did want to wish you a Happy T-day regardless!

  5. it is lovely! The soft edges make it look like a watercolour.

  6. Wow! With fabric you made a watercolor effect. Cool! That really turned out great. :) Happy T-Day!

  7. WOW! This is just fantastic, and sooooo pretty!
    I agree canvas is an excellent idea, easy to frame too.
    Happy T-day

  8. This is impressive. I really LIKE what you did. Some seamstresses wear gloves when they free motion stitch. It's supposed to help keep the stitching even and controlled. I wonder if they also wear those white gloves to keep the background clean. Of course, I still adore this beautiful landscape, and your tea cup, too. Looks like how I drink my tea on occasion.

    Thanks for sharing this beauty with us for T today.

  9. Such a beautiful cup and saucer. Your sewing/art piece is stunning. I hope to see it when you do it larger.


  10. That. Is. So. Cool! I love how the transparent layers flow together.

    Happy T Day!

  11. WOW such a gorgeous piece you created and your Australian Bluebells are such a special touch (I am a fan of all kinds of bluebells!)
    Looks like you had a very productive T day!

  12. Your stitching is beautiful! I've done some free motion quilting, but always have a hard time keeping it random.

  13. A lovely idea to use the sheers for a landscape, Vicki. I use white felt a lot for fabric collage and most all of it gets covered, so I don't fret about a couple of dirty spots. Too bad if you spilled your tea on it though!!! I didn't know we had a native bluebell. Do you know where you can see it? Nice work on the FMQ

  14. what a creative day you had, looks lovely love bluebells, ours are now dying off in the garden here in UK

  15. I agree with Halle comment, WOW WOW WOW!!! I would love to make something like this, it looks so real!! Hope you do more and share them with us!

    Sorry, I'm late but Happy T Day to you!!
    p.s. lovely tea cup and saucer also.

  16. what a beautiful stitched piece! so glad I looked at the close-up...made a big difference. Very lovely...


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