Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Hello dear, what did you do today?

Today was my weekly art class.  It is a very small class, so I usually have plenty of time to do something myself, so today, I did this
I was playing with a palette knife rather than a brush, which is something I love to do as there is tons of texture as a result.
My composition was not good, as I have placed the focal point in the centre, but I suppose I could cut a bit off the alter it.  anyway, it was just playing. The photo is not good due to the shine of the paint, but it's nearly dark here so no natural light.  It might perhaps look better on it's side?
This is acrylic, and would probably look better and have more texture in oil, but with the temperatures plummeting and winter nearly here, it would take weeks to dry enough between layers, so maybe in the spring.

Happy Creating!


  1. very nice, you are so good at this sort of creativity

  2. Nice creation with just a palette knife. Will give it a go one day too.


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