Saturday, May 10, 2014

What I have been up to

I have been absent for a few days.  I was inspired (shamed) into having a clean up after reading a friend's post about rearranging and tidying.
This is what I am confronted with every day in my store room.
And this
and even this!
So for the last four days I have been sorting, throwing and rearranging.  My body is aching and every joint is painful and my arms and legs are bruised from lifting and moving, but I have achieved some sort of order.
I can even get to my cutting table!  and find what I am looking for
I spilt cleaner on the floor, but it will dry up.
there is still a little bit of work to do, but I am sooo glad I have finally done it.  Now I can actually get back to work with it not annoying me every day.  The cotton bag in the corner is full of yukky fabric I just can't bear to look at any more.
And you know the best thing?
Because I reorganised and consolidated quite a few things between this room and my studio, I was able to do this-
Create a design wall that is six foot high and hasn't got tables in front of it for my large pieces, which often get neglected because I have to put them away and get them out and can never look at them properly.
There are two here, a large one at top and a long skinny one on bottom.
Elizabeth, you will be happy to know that I recycled some  foam that was around a friend's new fridge to make a wall I can pin into!

So I am pretty happy with my clean up.
Now onto some work!

Happy creating!


  1. Oh my word Vicki! How industrious of you! Wanna come and do mine now? Okay, I'm shamed to admit that I too should do what you have done. The body is strong but the mind is weak.

  2. what a good tidy up you have done, now the challenge is to keep it looking like this!

  3. Phew! that is a lot of stuff!!! Hope it stays tidy :-)


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