Monday, May 26, 2014

No bandwidth

I meant to post  yesterday, but as often happens on the weekend, there was not enough internet to go around in our little town, so I couldn't upload any photos.
But here are a few backgrounds and bits I did in my journals whilst the embroidery machine was whizzing away.
These are all sticker sheets I painted whilst I was working on the pages.  I have done this before, with large pieces, but I was reminded of it after watching a Mary Beth Shaw Webinar
This was a stamp of a dragonfly I made and tested out in my journal
This page used the stamp with some silver paint and the coloured dragonflies were cut from the stickers
After I cut out the dragonflies, I used the scraps to makes some strange looking plants on this page.

Nothing is ever wasted here!

Happy Creating!


  1. wondering what you mean by sticker sheets they are nice and colourful see creativity flowing again here

  2. I've also been offline, but mine is from NO bandwidth (grin). Glad to see you actually made something while you were not able to post. Love those sticker sheets. I did the same thing with a bunch, only I used mine (used watercolors) to write my name on the back of various tip-ins and quiltlets. They sew onto fabric really well.

    Of course, I fell in love with your stamp. It's something I must try one of these days


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