Saturday, January 3, 2015

Playing Around

Well it was last year last time I posted and it's now this year!
I am still keeping busy, even though the weather has heated up quite a bit.  It is now true january weather!
First, Stitching
I have been working on a Sue Spargo sampler for the craftsy class I bought ages ago!
Here is my base for the sampler.  The one on the left is just pinned and the one on the right has been stitched down.  My hubby couldn't tell the difference and remarked on how little I has got done.  Men!
Of course, as I always do, I got distracted by something.
This is the beginning of a pincushion by Sue spargo I saw on Quilting arts TV  episode 1501 (don't go looking for the pattern as it is not there yet - I made it up myself)
And here is where I am with it.  At least this is a related project!
This is an old piece of work, that I am currently beading the edge of.  See on the right.  Madness, I know, but it is easy, mind numbing work.
I have done a bit of journaling, as well
This was my first page for the year.  Just playing with  inkblots.
This is my second page for the year, based on Jane davenport's Art Lesson 1 from last year on inktense blocks and pencils.  I finished the dragonfly with a silver gel pen

And here is today's page, which is based on Yesterday's lesson from creative jumpstart by Jimmy Leslie.
And it all came from a bit of napkin I had collaged down!

I have a word for this year, although I will leave it to you as the year goes by to decide what it means!


Happy creating!


  1. lots shared today and so much variety, like emerge as a word for the year

  2. Lucky YOU. We are still seeing reruns of the 1400 series in Quilting Arts.

    I really enjoyed the latest art you are working on, and I adore that sampler. Of course, that pin cushion is gorgeous, too.

    Sorry I haven't been around sooner. I'm trying to catch up, but having been sick and keeping up has taken its toll.

    Hope you had a lovely and SAFE New Year this year.

  3. the New Year is just 4 days old and you have already been busy creating! I'm still making a list and checking it twice. I do have a word for 2015.

  4. Happy New Year! Some beautiful projects as usual, I am loving that beadwork on the edge the perfect finish, and your embroidery and journal pages are fun. Here's to a wonderful, creative 2015!

  5. I am particularly impressed by the leaves piece you are beading and your brightly colored journal pages. You are off running and like Renate, I have yet to make a get myself in gear. Best wishes for another creative new year.


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