Sunday, January 11, 2015

Journals everywhere

Yesterday, I spent some time, gong through my huge stash of gelli prints and put together two new journals.
As you can see I am really short on journals!  Hmmm.  Well, I still went ahead and made two more.
I call these "Serendipity" journals, because they have a mix of blank and coloured/printed pages, so it is just fate what you get to work on.  I find I tend to create things I never thought of or planned with these journals.  Here are a few spreads.
As you can see, I have a variety of pages, including deli paper, cartridge paper, watercolour paper, card and even some black card as well as a wide variety of prints and failed prints, all bound together using my old comb binder.  I am quite pleased with these.

Here are a couple of recent art journal pages

This one started with a scrap of watercolour paper with some test painting on it and a tree cut from a page taken out of an altered book.  The branches were cut of in the cutting, but I put them back in with drawing.  The autumn leaf drifts began as bits of gelli prints which I scribbled all over with oil pastel then melted with the heat gun and moved around with a baby wipe.  It turned out very atmospheric!
This page has sat around for nearly a week.  I had "drawn" the tree and grass, with some elmer's glue on a coloured background and intended, when the glue was dry, to wash over black ink and wipe it off from the glue to create a coloured tree on a black background.  But alas, the ink dried too quickly and I couldn't get it off.
today, whilst I was playing with the oil pastels, I thought I could rub over the tree and get the pastel on the glue, but again, that did not work, as the pastel also got onto the background as well in places.  As I was rubbing the background to try uselessly to remove the pastel, it simply created more of a misty background - AND  the cloth rubbed the pastel off the glue!  So I eventually, after many plays, got the opposite effect of what I originally intended, but I really like it and especially love the shiny, black dimensional tree.

Happy Creating!


  1. What fun you're going to have with that journal you put together. Really lovely, and definitely a one of a kind.

    I love both of your trees. That second one may have started out a failure, but I am in love with it, so I'm glad you like it, too.

  2. I am continually amazed at the treasure trove of creative ways you come up with. I especially like how you created those two journals. What a wonderful way to retain your creations, whether successful or not so successful.

  3. Yours journal shelfes looks inspiring, I have about half of that. And I wonder how you come along with this spiral journals. I made some the same way but they got worse by painting on the pages.
    I stopped here to look at my old journals....


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