Tuesday, January 6, 2015

A little bit of narcissim

I have been caught red handed!
Many of you.  In fact probably all of you have no Idea what I look like.  I avoid photographs and on facebook, you are only likely to see childhood pictures of me.  My theory has always been that I make beautiful things, I don't need to be beautiful.  And as far as I am aware, I am not.  Just a middle aged, overweight woman who mostly dresses in old clothes, except on special occasions!

Some of my friends over seas have suggested a face to face online (Cringe) and I suppose I will have to actually do it!

I have been doing creative jumpstart, from n*studio and Julie Balzer's class was to make a stencil.  From a photograph......Of yourself.
So I did.

Except for the pixie ears, I am told by my hubby that it looks like me.  But I know that it looks like me a few years ago.  In fact maybe even ten!  So that is where the narcissism comes in.  I am actually pleased with the picture, because of course, it flatters me!  My hubby is half blind anyway and can't see my face very well at all, lol.

Vincent van Gogh painted a huge number of self portraits and when I worked on painting with the masters last year, we were all encouraged to do so.  I hadn't got around to it.

Well now I have and although it is a bit nicer than I really am, it's a good start, don't you think?
Even if my ears look like pixie ones!

Happy Creating!


  1. Just as I imagined you; with that mysterious arty look about you, you beautiful pixie!

  2. Very cool! I will picture you like this from now on - pixie ears and all!

  3. Love this! Wish we could meet in person but for now... I will know your stenciled self!

  4. Your pixie ears look very cute! I like the stencil you made from that photo of yourself, but I love that journal page you made with that!
    And I was pleased to read that you don't like pictures of yourself as I don't like to be phographed as well....


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