Sunday, May 5, 2013

bobbin drawing

Today I did a little bobbin drawing on one of my small landscape collages.
This collage has been sitting on my table for a while.  It has a little free motion on it, but I was sitting thinking about putting grass on and thinking it would be more textural to handstitch, when I thought about bobbin drawing.  Mostly, I don't do bobbin drawing because I hate winding the bobbins, but as I was winding some bobbinfil, I thought about a hand dyed green thread which I had wound on a spool and thought that I could use the bobbin winder with it.  So I did.
Here is the wound bobbin in the bobbin case (I actually took this picture after I had finished, so the bobbin is a little empty).
You will need to adjust the tension in the bobbin case by  loosening the screw.  Turning it left or clockwise will loosen it.  I had to go several turns, since I had previously had bobbin fil in the bobbin.
You need to loosen it so that if you hold it by the thread and jerk it, it will fall a little way, but not all the way to the tabletop.
Obviously, when you are bobbin drawing, you are free machining from the back, so you need a reference to tell you where to stitch.
I used the bottom of the work as a reference, so that the 'grass' would be at the bottom.  I just used a green rayon thread in the top.
I pulled the bobbin thread to the top (back) of the work at the start and the finish.  It is much easier to tidy it up that way.
And here's a close up of the finished 'grass'.  It is very thick and textural and I think it looks better than handstitching!

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  1. it does look great Vicki. I've not tried bobbin work - another one of those items on my bucket list!

  2. your grass has turned out very well,and full of tutorial advice. I do not have much luck with machine embroidery but do have a spare bobbin case so I do not have to adjust the one I use for general sewing oh for more hours in the day and also something to motivate me into doing and not day dreaming.

  3. Thanks for the tutorial. Your grass turned out very well.


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