Monday, May 6, 2013

A little bit of free motion

Today, I found an embroidery pattern on pinterest that I liked.
I decided to do a collage using it.  I have to remember to get back into step by steps, but here is how it turned out.
I used a piece of pastel furnishing fabric that seemed to  speak to me.  I added some scraps of chiffon and organza approximately where I thought the flowers, leaves and vase were.  I actually just placed the photocopy over the top and stitched through it.  This is really easy with simple line drawings  but it was a bit difficult to pick out all the paper with this one.  An hour or two later, I decided that the pink and green thread I had used was too pale and unable to be seen and that I needed tulle to hold all the bits down since the stitching was not dense, so I went over all of it with black.
Here are a few close ups.
It really did not take too long and I think it turned out ok.  I will do it again, though, perhaps use water soluble stabiliser or sew through the paper from the back.

I also did a few bits and pieces in my journals
Feathers again, needs a bit more work with black and white gel pens.
My stencils smudged a bit on this one but it's still pretty, needs a bit more.  I tend to work on my pages in several stages.  These are just the first stages.  I usually leave these until I get some inspiration to develop them further.
This one is cute, but needs a lot more defining.  The background is one I did months ago and is almost the last page in that journal - wow!

Tomorrow is my 'away from home 'till late day, so I will be back in a day or two.  Thanks to all of you for looking, it does help me to keep going and make art every day.

make art every day!


  1. I love how the flowers and vase turned out - soft and watercolour-y. Your journal pages are fun, too.

  2. Hi Vicki,
    Your embroidery is gorgeous, I love the colours. You did a really great job getting a watercolour look on your project. I have to admit that my patterns are actually digital stamps used for paper craft, but they obviously work great for stitchery too! Thanks for sharing your work with me, it's beautiful.

  3. The watercolor effect on the vase of flowers is gorgeous. Nice going!!


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