Saturday, November 19, 2011

Leafy Lace

On Saturdays, I will endeavour to post something to do with stitching, whether hand or machine.
Today i am posting about another WIP which is a piece of thread lace.
It is quite a large piece of lace.  The leaf measures about  11 or 12 inches from the tip to the end of the stem.
I started by laying out some heavy water soluble stabiliser and placing knitting ribbon on that in the shape I wanted
I hate using the plasticky stabiliser as it sticks and does not feed nicely.  I solve this problem by laying some more light water soluble stabiliser of the non woven type top and bottom.
In the picture above, I have also stitched the main ribbon lines down.
Do any of you out there have this problem?

or even this one?

Then you know why this post has taken me over an hour to write.  Hopefully tomorrow, Tammy will find another place to fall asleep, lol.

be creative every day!


  1. Love the picture of the kittie. I had one just like Tammy and miss her. Can't wait to see the rest of your leaf lace.

  2. Nope! Don't have that problem. My first thought with the first picture was that there is not enough structure there to keep the leaf shape when the stabilizer is washed away. Duh! Keep reading - it's only the beginning! Can't wait to see how this will turn out - loving the way it is looking so far, and Tammy is just supervising after all...

  3. Do any of you out there have this problem?

    Times 2! Only one my three seems uninterested in getting in the way while I'm working online.

    Like WCN, I'd love to see where you go with this.


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