Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Print mania

during the last week or so since coming home from the quilt convention, I have been doing a lot of printing. Mostly I use my silicone plate, which is like a gelatin plate, but permanent, which my hubby made for me and usually, I am printing....leaves.  any one who knows me knows I am obsessed with leaves!
Mostly I do two or three layers.
The one above has two layers.  The coloured layer is lots of paint on the plate lifted off onto the paper.   The black layer is what happens when you lay black paint down the the leaves on to of that, then lift a print.  You can find more detailed instructions for my method here.
These prints are OK, but I really love what happens when you take the leaves off after this print-
the paint under the leaves prints out with the veins of the leaves defined.  I really love this!

These are just a few of the many, many prints I have done over the last week.  Or should I say 'mania'?  When I am feeling a little out of sorts, it is so gratifying to do some mindless printing!  Of course, then I need to find somewhere to put them all!  I think I need to make some more fabric ones and put them together for a wall hanging!
Hope you enjoyed the eye candy.

Happy Creating!


  1. These prints are beautiful Vicki! I love the look of leaves too.

    I think a fabric wall hanging is a fantastic idea.

    Thanks for the visit.

  2. these are lovely! have to admit I think I like the first one just seems to set off the color!

  3. what wonderful leaves . Hoping you are going to blog about your trip to Melbourne and the convention

  4. You are definitely the Queen of Leaves. Very nice. Now I need to get out my gelli and have a go, too. Thanks for the inspiration AND the eye candy.


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