Thursday, April 26, 2012

More pink and a couple of mini quilts

Well, here is another ATC using the japanese brocade and painted tyvek scraps.  painted tyvek, japanese brocade, faux suede, seed beads, sequins.

And here are a couple of recent mini quilts.  The first is a fabric page (8") made for a swap.
The theme for the page was 'Vintage', so I used lots of satin and a wintage print on satin which I embellished with lace, ribbon, embroidery, beads and buttons.  I really enjoyed making this one.
This next one is a journal quilt 5"
This one is free motion sketched on a painted face wipe.  The edge is glued and gold leafed.  I intended to add a little eiffel tower charm which is what started me sketching, but decided to keep it clean and simple.

I am actually away from home for a few days, and will be home tomorrow, with lots of new inspiration.

Happy Creating!

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  1. Vicki your blog is always so inspiring and so I'd like to present you with the Leibster Blog Award. It is given to "small blogs" - those with fewer than 200 followers. You might have heard of it ... but if you haven't do stop by my blog and check it out. Congratulations!


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