Monday, April 23, 2012

2 x 3 and some collage leaves

This ATC was made with little scraps of japanese brocade and faux suede attached to pink plastic bag ironed to batting, then added to a card.

I have been working on a pair of collages.
These are both fabric paper on a stretched frame with modelling paste leaves.  I want the next layers to be dimensional and then finally fabric and have been experimenting with leaves to add.
The leaf on the left is fabric paper and the one on the right is faux suede, painted with red and orange, and fused (two layers, because it wasn't stiff enough) then cut with a soldering iron.
The faux suede gumleaf above is made the same way. (it is not quite a dark as it seems in the photo) I haven't quite got to the green fabric paper yet, but I will.
After I have made enough leaves, I also intend to make dimensional fabric gumnuts and acorns to embellish as the final touch on each, but I am still mulling ideas around for those in my head.

of course, I will also use the tyvek leaves I made  a while ago as well.

Have fun in your garden.


  1. Are you using the biodegradable plastic bags that we are forced to use in South Australia these days? Our bags tend to self-destruct in about 6 months, making them unsuitable for pretty much anything, though they might survive if painted, which leaves us with chip packets, etc, which are a whole different thing as they are much heavier duty.

  2. As far as I am aware, we do not have biodegradable ones here. I am not using them anyhow. I bought the garbage bags as rolls years ago, when I was a tidier person than I am now and used a lot of garbage bags, lol. Chip packets or cellofoil make excellent rocks and sea foam when ironed.


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