Thursday, April 19, 2012

a heart and some plastic

 Oops, I forgot to post yesterday.   I am working very hard on a ton of things to get back into my routine and I am quite excited about some of the new ideas popping up.  My journal is getting quite full!

ATC is made with foil fused on fusible web on cotton fabric.  Free machine scribbling.

And another journal quilt.  This time made from the  plastic bags fused to cellofoil I made here.
I used red pearl cotton in the bobbin and sewed the spiral from the back (Bobbin drawing)


  1. You missed a day! lol I admire how dedicated you are to doing your daily piece and posting; inspiring!

  2. I love how you remind us ...the importance of creating every day...I hope to join you more diligently every day as well, yaaaay,huggs, Pamela Joy


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