Sunday, October 22, 2017

Paper to Fabric with left overs

My husband has been cutting things out of perspex to sell and gave me some of the waste pieces to use as templates.
I started by using them on paper.
I used inktense blocks to make rubbings and spread it outside the rubbing with water.  I really loved the distressed look and decided I wanted to do it on fabric.  Inktense is permanent once it has been wet and dried, so perfect on fabric.
This was mt first rubbing.  I still wanted the blurred washed out surround.
With this one I used a brush to blur out the edges, but it was too pale for me so I added a bit more around the edges with my characteristic scribbles.  I also needed to make the central rubbing permanent so I sprayed it with water then dried it quickly with the iron.  I look forward to free motion quilting this one!


  1. It was GREAT to see you posting again. I am in awe of this rubbing. I am a big fan of your fabric art, so now I get to watch as you free motion sew it in place. Thanks for sharing these beauties because I even liked the circles. I can see lots of uses for the circles and the circles with scallops.

  2. These are terrific looking Vicki! Can those templates also be used for stamping on fabric? or are they not porous to pick up the ink of a stamp pad?


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