Saturday, September 16, 2017

A new group

I have joined a new challenge group called Art Quilts Around the World.  I am hoping it will give me a new impetus for blogging regularly.  I am also now completing a Bachelor of fine art at university, so to get the flow going I will show you a few pieces I recently completed as part of my course.
This piece was an attempt to create depth using layers, shapes and line.  I used two screen prints layered with organza and a small thread sketch.  This is very close to the work I normally do.

This piece was using layering of organza as well, but the subject is the subcellular world.  Just a glimpse of what is inside all our cells.

This is a box that I created using layers of organza.  It is also based on the subcellular world, but this time plant cells.  I was very pleased with the way light moves through it and it now sits on my desk near the window to catch the light.
So, whilst I have not been posting, I have been busy.  I even had a little exhibition recently
here are a few pictures

Hope you enjoy my post.  Hope to post again soon.


  1. Goodness Vicki, you really have been busy. I think your work with organza is fabulous. I love how the light shines through that box.

    For your exhibition, I see you are still working with leaves and feathers. They seem to dominate a lot of your work, and that always makes me happy when I see your leaves. There were some pieces I just wanted to reach out and touch. SO glad to see you posting again, because I really admire your work.

  2. how fabulous Vicki! The organza piece is amazing. I am looking forward to seeing your new work in this new challenge group!

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