Monday, November 20, 2017

Still going

I have still been working, just forget to post, but I will persist
I have recently uploaded a few new Journal Quilts to the Made on Monday Site, Hosted by Kate Bridger
I think I have about thirty on that site.  These might not be even up yet!  I now have over a hundred journal quilts, but these ones are all just about leaves.
Earlier in the year, I did a lot of printing on fabric and sheers of gum leaves and I have finally gotten around to doing something with them!
So fat I have just free motioned around this one.  Not sure about the colours.
This one has two layers of prints on organza, with stitching on the top layer.
This one also has two layers, the print below, which has been stitched, and the top organza layer with a further stitched leaf.  My idea with these is to put them together a la Jane Lafazio, to make a large wall hanging.  Of course that is a long way away.
I have also now got a beautiful Bernina Q20 long arm! I have done about half a dozen quilts since I got it and am really enjoying the space!
Her is the latest, a very modern quilt I have made from some orphan fish block that were in my WIPs
And here is a close up of what I am doing on it.  Lots of bubbles at the moment, but there will be a lot more by the time I am finished.
AS I said, I am doing a degree in fine arts too, so sometimes I have deadlines there.
I have also almost completed my quilt for Art Quilts Around the World  Can't show that until after the due date which is the 30th Nov, so here is just a taster.
Not much to go on there, LOL. The topic is pop art.

Don't forget to be creative every day!


  1. So glad to see your latest work, Vicki. That long arm will come in handy, and save you money in the end. It's a beautiful quilt, but I really, really like the leaf squares/rectangles. They and you are so inspiring.

  2. So nice to see you posting and to view all of your creative ideas. You inspire me to get back in the studio.

  3. Congratulations on your long-arm! Love those bubbles! Happy New Year!


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