Friday, June 7, 2013

Philosophising on textile art

I have been absent without leave for a little while.  As I have said, I am completing a course with Design Matters, and I can't post that here, but beyond that and all the family problems at present, I had been thinking why I often fall of the cart with my Textile work.  and really, I have come to realise, work - that terrible word is to blame.  Once something becomes WORK, it becomes a chore.  Since I started the local gallery, I have been more focused on making THINGS rather than just making, and I think this is what has stifled my creativity.
When I work in my journals and sketchbooks, I have no particular end in mind and am not even intent on finishing - often, I just make backgrounds, which I come back to when the muse suggests.  Perhaps I need to be a bit more intent on the process with textiles,like I used to be, rather than what it looks like or whether it's finished or not.  I might end up with lots of ufos, but I might end up with more finished and more creative work, too.
So, to this end, today I just threw some stuff together and made it up as I went along.
A piece of interfacing and some bits of green stuff - stain, chiffon, organza, batting - all the stuff I love to play with.
I just arranged the green bits all over the interfacing and when I was happy, I pinned a bit of black tulle over it to hold it.
On the back I pinned an inkjet print from a dover book.
I turned it over and pinned some lilac satin where the flowers were to be (sorry about the upside down pic)
Then I turned it back upside down and sewed around the flowers on the lines of the paper (basically bobbin drawing)
I glues around my stitching with a syringe (very fine line of glue) so it wouldn't fray when I trimmed it.
I did a rough trim, then a closer one.
Then I did the same with some very pale green satin for the foliage.
Then it was time for some embroidery!
I turned it over again and went over the lines in the flower with a variegated purple thread.
And that's where I got up to before I had to go out and stack wood for the fire.  It gets cold early now that it's winter here.

And this is one I need to remember more often.  Play is the heart of creativity!


  1. I can sense that you really enjoyed playing with this, you have such imagination nd creativity,, think now you are not considering it as work you will be back you your creative self.

  2. I'm definitely with you on work taking the fun out of it. This piece today is lovely and spontaneous - a wonderful way to work, and it is shows!

  3. The quilting on the flower really sets if off. I am eager to see the finished product, some day, no rush.


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